Here is an alphabetical index of everything that is included in this wiki for you to quickly locate resources on what you are looking for. I have put what type of tool each item is next to the name of it to help you select what you are looking for. A dollar sign means that the software costs money.

Note: these links take you to the appropriate page in this wiki with information not the tool or software itself.
Adobe Flash - Web Design
Art Rage 2 - Art and Design
Audacity - Audio recording
Coffee Cup - Website authoring - PC
Comic Life - Makes comic book style pages -$
Clicker 5 - Clickable word grid writing software $
Cmap - Visual Organisers
C-Speech - Turns text to speech - Mac
Digital Storytelling
e-Lab - Website Authoring - $
e-Twinning - Projects for partner classes in different countries
Excel - Spreadsheet
Evoca - Audio recording
Frontpage - Website authoring - PC
Gadwin PrintScreen - Image capture - PC
Garageband - Mac music creation
GIMP - Art and Design - like a free Photoshop
Google Sketchup - 3D Modelling and Design
Hot Pototoes - Make interactive puzzles
iChat - Mac audio chat/ video chat software.
ICT in Education Readings
iDVD - Mac DVD creation
iMovie - Video editing
iShowU - Screencast capture - Mac
ImageWell - Resizing photo files - Mac
iMovie - Mac movie editing
iPhoto - Mac photo storage and editing
Irfan View - Photo and image viewer - PC
iWeb - Mac website design
Jing - Image and video screen capture
Kidpix - Art and Design $
Marvin - 3D characters that can be programmed.
Microsoft Office - General tutorials and info
Neo Office - Open Office redesigned for Mac
Open Office - Open source office suite - Art and Design - PC
Pando - Email large files
Photo Razor - Resizing photo files - PC
PhotoStory 3 - Photo slideshow - PC
Picasa - Photo Editing and Manipulation - PC
Powerpoint - Slideshows
Quandary - Pick your own path writing
RapidWeaver - Website authoring - Mac $
Seashore - Art and Design - Mac
Skitch - Image screen capture - Mac
Snapfire - Photo storage and editing - PC
Stickies - Sticky notes - PC (Mac is built in)
Studio Line Basic Photo 3 - Photo Editing - PC
Teacher Report Assistant - Teacher Tools
TuxPaint - Art and Design
Windows Movie Maker - Video editing
Word - Word Processing
21 Classes - class based blogging tool.
280 Slides - presentation creation
Airset - Calendar and group organisation and sharing
Animoto - Picture sharing/ animations
AuthorStream - Sharing powerpoint presentations
Bebo - Social Networking site
Big Huge Labs - Add variety of effects to pictures
BookGoo - Upload documents and annotate.
Blogger - free blogging tool from Google.
Blogs -Online journals/ diaries
BubbleShare - Picture sharing/ animations
Bubblus - Mindmapping
Clock Link - Clocks to embed
Clustr Maps - Visual hit counter
Convert Tube - Video downloader
CoolText - Generate attractive titles - Social bookmarking
Dim Dim - Open Source Web Conferencing
EduBlogs - Blogging tool for education
Edublogs TV - store audio and video
Educational Podcast Directory
Educate - Directory of education podcasts
Elluminate - video conferencing - $
Boomp3 - store mp3 online
Fabrik - Online storage
Facebook - Social networking site
FaceYourManga - Avatar
Flash Meeting - Video conferencing
FlauntR - Online picture editing
Flickr - Picture sharing/ albums
Fodey - Multiple options for text
Geni - Family tree tool
Gliffy - Flowcharts and diagrams
Glogster - Interactive posters
GoAnimate - Animation
Google Calendar - Calendar sharing
Google Docs - Office tools online
Google Maps - Map tool
Google Reader - RSS Reader
Google Sky - Explore space
Google Video - Video sharing
iBlog - Blogging tool
iCal Exchange - Upload/ download calendars
iCal Share - Subscribe to these calendars
iCal World - Subscribe to these calendars
Jamendo - Free music downloads
Jigzone - Create jigsaws from pictures.
JumpCut - Online video editing
Imbee - Social networking site for children
LetterPop - Attractive online letter templates
Make Believe Comics - Make online comic
Mango - Learn other languages
Media Max - Online storage
Meez - Avatars
Mind 42 - Mindmapping
Mindmeister - Mindmapping
Mindomo - Mindmapping
Mixwit - Create music mix tapes
Mozy - Online storage
My Space - Social networking site
MyStudiyo - Embeddable quizzes
Nourish - turn RSS feeds into email newsletter
PageFlakes - RSS reader
PalBee- free video conferencing
Picture Trail - Picture sharing/ animations
Pixton - Comic strip creator, no drawing skills required
Photobucket - Picture sharing/ animations/ albums
Photo Peach - Picture sharing/slideshows
Photoshow - upload photos to make a slide show
PlotBot - Creating scripts/ plays
Podcast People - Online podcasting tool/ publisher
PollDaddy - Online poll creation
PollEverywhere - Live text message votes
PollPub - Online poll creation
Posterous - Post to a blog by email
Preezo - Presentation creation
Quikmaps - Map tool
Revver - Video Sharing
RockYou - Picture sharing/ animations
RSS Forward - Turn feeds to emails.
SearchMe - visual search engine
Scratch - Programing for K-12
Simpatigo - Map tool
Simpsons Xter - Avatars
Skype - Talk via the internet
Slide - Picture sharing/ animations
SlideBoom - Presentation sharing
SlideCast - Add audio to Slideshare
SlideFlickr - Turn pics in Flickr to animations
SlideRocket - Presentation creation
SlideShare - Sharing powerpoint presentations
Smaps- NZ map tool
SmileBox - Picture sharing / e-cards from your photos / scrapbooking
Splicd- Select a section of a YouTube video
StumbleUpon - Social bookmarking
SurveyMonkey - Create online surveys
ThinkFree - Office tools online
TokBox - free video conferencing
Twiddla - web conferencing tool
Twitter- microblogging
UStream - Stream live videos
Vocaroo - Record audio to website
Voki - Taking avatars
Vox - Blogging tool
Vuvox - Picture sharing/ animations
WeeMe - Avatars
Wises - NZ map tool
Wordle - text clouds
Wordpress - Blogging tool
XTimeLine - Create a timeline with media attached.
YouTube - Video sharing
VeniVidiWiki- Map tool with videos
Zamzar - Online file conversion
Zoho - Office tools online and online form creator
Zentation - Mashup of Google Video and Slideshare