Other Great Sites for Software and Web 2.0

This wiki from a high school classroom has a number of useful resources with screen shots for applications and web 2.0

The Free Mac
Anything you would ever want to know about freeware and shareware available for Macs as well as resources for teaching ICT.

K12 Open Source Software
An excellent wiki with information on a range of open source software options for schools to investigate.

Classroom 2.0 Wiki
Organised by type of tool and alternatively by subject area, this is a very useful site with ideas on how to apply to teaching and learning for the tools discussed.

Mobile Technology in TAFE
A great site with step-by-step tutorials for a number of Web 2.0 tools.

Another brilliant wiki with a list of useful resources.

Web 2.0 Wiki
Very similar content to this site but structured quite differently and without information on software options.

Wiki Support
This is a very clear and easy to use guide to wikis and the things you can add to them. Has a useful list of links to try.

Images, Sound, Video
This website has a HUGE list of software and links that you could spend forever going through. Very thorough.

List of e-Tools
Over 700 of them organised by type.

ICT in Science Education
Again, a thorough index of ICT tools that can be used with an emphasis on science but often good for all subject areas.

Da Tools of the Trade
A website with links to tools compiled by a secondary teacher. Very thorough.

Arigara2.0 / Arigea2.0
Another wiki with a list of useful resources.

A wiki with detailed resources for blogging in the Classroom, wikis, podcasting, RSS - Bringing the Web to You and Digital Storytelling

OpenSource CPD
A catalogue of open source tools for education.

Educational Freeware
A list of downloadable and online applications and activities.

TALO - Teaching and Learning Online
A lot of ideas and resources on this wiki

Teach Digital
A wiki with resources on blended learning, digital storytelling, collaboration and conversations. Some very useful links.

Educational Origami
Integration of ICT into a range of areas such as blooms and learning styles. Also general information on web 2.0 tools.

Make Use of
A huge bank of free software and online tools - not designed for education but still useful.

Grazing for Digital Natives
A wiki by a staff development facilitator, STAR Discovery Educator, and Keystone Technology Integrator in the US. It has resources for workshops she has run on a number of web 2.0 tools - very useful.

Another wiki with a summary of some useful tools that educators can use. Some good resources here.

Te Whakatipurangahou ICT PD cluster
A great selection of links and resources for different tools.

Multimedia Tools
A PBWiki set up for educators.

Sara Taylor's Wiki
Heaps of resources! Great for working with ICT in education.

Teach Web 2
A page for each tool listed in the navigation. A handy resource.

A huge bank of resources around using technology tools in education. An excellent wiki.