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We have a duty of care as educators to make sure that children have been given permission from their parents to access the web, are supervised when on the web and are educated to know how to make sensible choices when on the web.

The following sites have resources for net safety.

Resources and Downloads

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Merlin John Online
This site has posters for students and teachers about net safety as well as internet safety situation cards and more.
The newly designed website for NetSafe in New Zealand with information for schools, parents and the general community on internet safety.

NetSafe Kit for Schools (latest 2007 update for NZ Schools)
Get templates of policies, guidelines, ideas for staff training and how to teach children in this very comprehensive resource.
Guidelines for Schools on the Publication of Student Images and Schoolwork
Gives the official recommendations from the Ministry on what schools in New Zealand should be considering when publishing.

Hector's World
A partner website of NetSafe where Hector the animated dolphin is in an storybook about netsafety that can be downloaded.
4Teachers Internet Safety Links
A number of links to sites dealing with safety issues

NetSmartz - Real Life Stories
If you need to really see the importance of Net Safety - some of these stories will help.
This site has printable posters around their SMART theme - Safety, Manners, Advertising, Research and Technology. A lot of read made lessons with resources. Printable cartoons to illustrate different aspects.
Net Alert
Downloadable resources around internet safety from the Australian government.
Teach Digital Curriculum - Digital Safety
On this wiki page, Wes Fryer gives access to his powerpoint presentations on internet safety as well as links to other internet safety resources.
A wiki with useful information on web safety.

Interactive Websites

Interactive website game to teach about cybersafety. Along with this, the main website offers teaching modules available and other downloadable resources.

NetSmartz for Kids
Fantastic US site to teach children net safety. Has a variety of games (which are quite tricky!) that reinforce the safety message and animated videos that teach about the Wizzy Wigs (things to watch out for on the net like the Spamazoid). It also has downloadable screensavers, wallpapers and audio files
A site designed to cover internet safety issues for secondary school students by NetSafe in New Zealand.