Links to Specific Types of Skills/ Equipment

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Digital Still Camera
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Working with Video
external image Optimus%2520Keyboard%2520Preview1.gif
Learning to Type
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Making Screencasts
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General Links for ICT Skills

Skill Descriptors for Different School levels
This really useful set of level descriptors may help you to develop your own ideas on what children within your school should be able to do in ICT by the end of each stage. Use the grade level links on the left to see other levels.
In Pictures
Step-by-step picture tutorials on Microsoft Office, Open Office, Dreamweaver and HTML
This website offers tutorial videos on a huge range of topics/software. This is a subscription service but there are a lot of free videos (2002 to be exact) that you can assess without subscribing.
Atomic Learning
This is a website offering online tutorial videos designed for the education market. This link takes you to their list of free tutorials. Most are accessed by subscription.
Teach ICT
An awesome site with printable posters for ICT displays, video tutorials on a range of software and online quizzes on ICT topics. There are other resources here as well so worth checking out!