Cmap ia a type oncept (semantic) mapping software, similar to Inspiration/kidspiration.

Use of concept mapping software allows for..
  • Visual representation of learning
  • manipulation of ideas/concepts/information as learning occurs
  • connections between concepts/ideas to be seen and understood


Then click on ‘downloaded’
• Once on the download page, select which OS your computer(s) uses.
• Download the driver, and install it on each machine you want to run Cmap on

My Cmap resources

I have created a set of instructions on how to use Cmap in this document.

Ways to use Cmap

Use Cmap to summarise a professional reading
external image 421634295_943e7f4f08.jpg

Use Cmap to collate the results of a survey
external image 421622542_1eb2484e7f_b.jpg

Use Cmap to demonstrate undertanding of a topic
external image 421622514_a67f8f23b4_o.jpg

Other uses for Cmap I have seen include using it at parent interviews. As you are able to drag files and attach them to a Cmap point, I have seen a teacher who has a point for each child with all the files attached to the child's point that she wants to discuss with parents. Then it is just a case of effortlessly clicking on the attachment to open which ever document they want.

Online Cmap Resources
Cmap has a great built in help section. This is also available on their website at: