What to Do with your Blog

Blogs are being used as a valuable resource in education. Before you start, here is some good advice to help newbies to the blogging world. This post from the Cool Cat Teacher blog has some really good pointers to think about when getting going.

Below are some examples of really effective educational blogs:

Reporting on the Classroom

external image IMG_0630.JPGThis blog by a Year 2 class in Nelson is a great example of how it can be used to communicate with the wider school community. The teacher Rachel, also maintains a blog for teachers that has many interesting bits and pieces on it and is worth checking out.

marora.pngAnother teacher, Allanah King, has produced a really good model of a classroom blog. She is also the author of the excellent 'Bling for your Blog' blog that is on the widgets page. Thanks for the message on my blog Allanah!

Here is a list of other New Zealand classroom blogs I know about

Room One at Korokoro School
external image DSC00161.JPG
Room Five at AraKura School
external image wall+002.jpg
Room Two at Mount Maunganui
external image room2.jpg
B2 at Bethlehem College

Room 12 at Bayfield School
external image guys-goodbye-002.jpg

Click here to go to a wiki that lists blogs around the world by age group and country.

Sharing Ideas with Colleagues

While I do not pretend that I am a master of blogging and I've only just started, I have set up a blog to reflect on the ICT that is happening around our cluster and put in my latest 'finds' from the internet. I'd like to think that this will be visited regularly by the key people in our cluster but we will have to wait and see :-)

external image Derek_film_grain.jpg If you want a seriously good blog on the use of technology in educaton, you can't go past Derek Wenmoth's blog. Derek presents at most conferences and is the head of e-learning at Core-Education. He has countless interesting links on his blog.

external image jedd.jpg
Another blog I like to read is also from Core-Ed - Jedd Bartlet's blog. He is a national facilitator and has a host of cool ideas on his blog. Check out his delicious internet site list that is linked to from his blog and be prepared to waste away a number of hours.

Documenting Events/ Initatives

external image Daisy%20Egg%20002.jpg This award winning blog tells the story of the the school which had a duck make her nest in the school grounds. Many of the classrooms wrote and drew pictures of the duck and this is all put up on the blog for the community to see.

Showcasing Work

Poetry.png You can set up a blog to showcase the work you have been doing in one area of the curriculum. This blog about the poetry of two classrooms is one example.