Publishing audio online using an MP3 file

If you are working on an mp3 music file and then want to embed the audio into a wiki or blog with an MP3 player, then you will need somewhere to host your file and provide you with a player to embed it. This is where these tools come to the rescue!


As described above, upload your file and get player to embed like the one below.


You can record audio directly into this tool and then either send a voice email or post online. The audio sounds a little muffled to me but is passable. I didn't have have to set up an account to use it either which is quite handy.

Edublogs TV

This site hosts all kinds of media including audio. Once you upload an MP3, then you can get the embed code to add to your blogs or wikis.


external image vaestro_sm.gifUsing this site, you can set up audio forums for discussions on your site or any topic you please rather than a text forum.


Record audio and get the code to embed a player on your site.