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This information from wav search is a great introduction to wav files and their uses.
What are WAV files? The WAV sound file format, also known as 'wave', 'movie sound file' and 'ringtone sound format', are computer files that can be used to save and record short sound clips. They are normally not used for recording and saving full-length music songs, but are commonly used for ringtones and other short uses. Unlike MP3s, WAV files are uncompressed, so the file size of a full-length song in WAV format is too large to easily trade over the Internet.
Have I used these before? Yes, you have definitely encountered WAV files many times before. Almost every sound that you hear coming out of your computer involuntarily everyday is a WAV sound file, because Microsoft Windows uses WAVs for "event-triggered sounds". When you buy your Windows operating system, it is already programmed to play very short sound files during certain "events" during your computer session. An example is the melodic 'burst' of sound that you hear when you log into Windows. Another example is the short 'click' sounds that you often hear while navigating your start menu. You can change those sounds to any sound that you like. You can find these sounds on the websites below.What are the many fun things I can do with WAVs?You can easily set your computer to automatically play a Wav sound during any specific 'event' that you specify! For instance, make it say "Houston, we have a problem" whenever your computer encounters an error! Use can use wavs to make your Podcasts better by placing sounds on your iPod between songs and to add sound effects to your movies.

General Sounds

Find Sounds
This search engine will find sounds on any topic. Very useful. You can also get musical instrument samples
A1 Free Sound Effects
Look on the right for free wav files organised by topic. They are for personal use only.
Wav Source
Wav sound effects (and other sounds)
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An MP3 search engine.

Wav Central
A collection of downloadable wav files.
Yet another place to find sound files. These focus on TV and movie sound files.
iLove Wavs
A huge list of categorised wavs with topics such as Sound Effects and Holiday sounds eg Christmas
Free Sounds
Find links to sites containing free sounds and music by clicking on the folder of the file type you are looking for.
Yahoo Wav File Directory
Search for a sound file here using the search box.
Another directory of sounds with a search box to help find files
Partners in Rhyme - Sound effects
A large range of free effects to download.
Sound Snap
Very clear organisation by topic.
Find Sounds
A search engine to find sounds on the web.
55 Sites to download sounds
A useful list of sites to find sound on the web.

Audio Texts and Stories

Learn Out Loud
This site has a mixture of both free and to pay for audio texts. There are thousands to choose from and the free stuff is easy to find. There is a specific kids section containing free audio resources such as A Christmas Carol.

Free MP3 Music
Free music by upcoming and artists.
National Geographic World Music
Listen to songs and artists from around the world. Search by genre or region or artist.
A wide variety of copyright free music.
A site where artists upload music for free download.
Free Music Archive
Another site with CC licensing for downloads.
A site with remixed audio tracks for you to use in projects. Great that it has a dedicated instrumental section for soundtracks.