Audio Programs

There are a variety of programs that can be used to record audio that are useful. I have listed a few of them here. The most commonly used is probably either Garageband or Audacity. For Garageband, go to the iLife in Macs section.


external image Audacity-logo-r_50pct.jpg

Audacity allows you to record and edit sounds. A lot of PC users record podcasts with this software. Mac users would more likely use Garageband (though audacity is available for Macs)

You can download Audacity from here.

Here's a really great tutorial for Audacity by one of the gurus of podcasting.

I was also trying to clean up the background noise from a video clip so I separated the audio from the video and then used Audacity to get rid of the background noise. There is a brilliant tutorial on how to remove the background sound using Audacity.


EVOCA allows you to record sounds over a regular telephone or through Skype. You can then download your mp3 from EVOCA and upload it to your site, or you can even store your mp3 on Evoca. It's the easiest way to record a podcast with more than one person who aren't even in the same room!

You can get to EVOCA here.