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There is a free version with less functionality and a full version that allows you more painting tools and to work in layers. It is available both for Mac and PC.


The following information about ArtRage has been taken from this review of ArtRage from MacWorld:

"ArtRage offers painting tools that include oils, pencils, airbrush, chalk, glitter, roller, eraser, paint tube, palette knife (for spreading applied media around), crayon, and markers; a variety of canvas textures; and controls that allow you to vary the amount of media you place on the canvas as well as the pressure used to apply it.

For the most part, ArtRage’s tools behave like the real thing. For example, by default, when you paint over another color, that color will be picked up by the brush and combined with the currently-selected color in a realistic way. (If you prefer, you can switch on the Insta-Dry feature so that this combining of colors doesn’t occur; one color simply paints over another.) If you paint one “wet” texture over another, the brush will combine the colors until you “wash” your brush. Less than realistic—though very helpful—is the palette knife. Unlike the real thing, it will smear any medium under it—water colors and pencil included (though, in fairness, the latter lightly smudge more than smear).

ArtRage lets you load a tracing image “beneath” your now-opaque canvas. With such an image in place, simply select the tools you want and trace over the image. ArtRage can even automatically choose a color to match the color found on the tracing image beneath the canvas.

ArtRage supports layers, which you can merge or blend with other layers. You can also export individual layers should you wish to tweak them in another application.

Using Art Rage in Education

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This site has many ideas and learning examples about how to use ArtRage