flash8interface.jpgFlash is authoring environment for creating rich digital media. A lot of website that are heavily interactive are made with Flash. flash started as a vector-based web animation tool, but now has extensive programming facilities. An overview can be found at Adobe Flash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Flash drives YouTube and many other Web 2 technologies, if you are embedding something on your blog there is a good chance it is flash. A lot of the Web 2.0 and Online Software listed here is flash based (eg slideshare).

In education flash has been used for creating whole complex sites, often animation and game based, such as Education City or Grid Club. Education portals often use flash, BBC - Famous People - Florence Nightingale, games are created for a particular purpose Get the Glass!. Most of the interactive, animated part of the web seems to have been created with flash.

Flash can also be used by teachers to create simple (or complex) games and quizzes for their pupils and by pupils to create animations (older children can probalby create other applications too). Flash can be a bit daunting to start with, a Macuser UK review said of a previous version something like 'flash is now a team application, one person could not use all of its facilities'. Pupils may be better at ignoring the bits they don't need than teachers.

Some of the work I've carried out with children is on our Sandaig Primary School: Computer Club page.
Some of these animations are based on worksheets I have produced which can be downloaded Unfortunately some of these are for flash 5 and others from flash MX but they should be usable. More uptodate resouces can be found by following the links below.- johnjohnston johnjohnston Oct 15, 2007


Geoff Dellow and http://flashteachers.blogspot.com/
Flash Classroom
Using Flash in Teaching - Sojo Media Resources
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Flash Examples

Non Educational - may Have Edu uses

*flash toy
*Samorost 2
*Line rider
* creaktif! a portfolio site wacky flash interface

Educational examples

for Children see also by teachers
*Orisinal : Morning Sunshine beautiful wee flash games

By Children
*Ambleside C.E. Primary School
*Sandaig Primary School: Computer Club

By Teachers & educators
Ambleside C.E. Primary School