Google Sketchup Sketchup.png

Graphic design tool which allows users to design and ‘build’ in 3D anything!

Allows for
  • Problem solving
  • Visual/spatial experimentation

Using SketchUp with students can enhance:
  • understanding of Geometry terms and concepts
  • understanding measurement concepts
  • Problem solving strategies
  • spacial understanding

Google SketchUp uses simple point'n'click menues, and does not have a complicated CAD style feel.
Google SketchUp also has a function where props can be downloaded from a website directly into whatever you are making, called 3D Warehouse

How can I download models from the 3D Warehouse into SketchUp?
Google Earth has a fuction where buildings, created in SketchUp, can be uploaded for all to see. How do I place a SketchUp model in Google Earth?
Look what you can accomplish!

external image garage%20apartment2.jpg
external image haus-in-google-sketchup-thumb.gif

Online Resources

There is extensive online support- the video tutorials are fantastic, can be used by both children (I have used with children aged 7+) and adults.
Video Tutorials
Text Tutorials
The Google Sketchup Blog
The Google Sketchup Video Channel