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My name is Suzie Vesper and on this wiki you will find resources for different educational applications, Web 2.0 and digital image and video resources. Note that I have returned to full time teaching during the last year and a half and for some reason haven't had time to update this recently! (yes, that was sarcasm). Still, there are still useful resources that have stood the test of time. Feel free to add your own ideas and resources to this site. If you do add some content, please add some information about yourself to my contributors page.

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Learning Web 2 - companion wiki

In April 2010, I updated the companion wiki for this site that takes a more in-depth look at a selection of web 2.0 tools. Visit the site by clicking the image below.


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What's New!

10th Nov 11

I have added some tools to the 'Related Tools' page in the online video tools section to 'clean' a YouTube video page by removing all the clutter and comments. You can then give a 'safe' link to this version of the video to your students.

25th Aug 10

I have again added more tools to my Screen capture page - both for Mac and PC. These help to either get screenshots or to film your screen.