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This wiki page is getting longer and longer so I have now broken in down into sections. You are currently on the wiki introduction page. Above are links to further detail.

Wikis Introduction

Wikis are editable online websites. You don't need to have any web creation software installed on your computer and more than one person can edit the same page from any computer with internet access. This means that if more than one person is collaborating on a site, then you will never get confused as you can with email about what is the latest vsadfsdafsadfsdafsdft is always on the wiki. Also, as you can edit the wiki from anywhere, it is a far more flexible tool. You can also load up files to a wiki so that everyone can download them and share them. Below is a great video explaining more about what a wiki is.

There are also five videos in a series looking at how wikis can be used in the classroom. Each one is linked to from this site. educator videos

A Great Quote
"It seems clear to me now that you cannot just change the tool — you need to look at your practice as well. Being so open, a wiki does not have any inherent properties that will instantly make a knowledge-building community. It depends not only on the software configuration — for example whether certain areas are locked or whether you make templates for layout — but also on the social norms and practices around the wiki. In a classroom setting, this means the practice of the teacher, and the interactions of the students." David Smith in his Preoccupations blog


external image Wikipedia-logo_BWb.jpg
Wikipedia is a very well known wiki community. It is now recognised as being a very authoritive encyclopedia that compares favourably to the other big encyclopedia companies for reliability. Anyone can add to this evolving knowledgebase. It is not very kid friendly and not the most attractive site on the web but is extremely useful. There are now a host of sister sites for Wikipedia such as Wikibooks and Wikidictionary. For a list of all these sister sites, go here.

Click here to view a talk by the creator of Wikipedia about how the whole process works. I found it really interesting but it does go for 25 minutes!

Note: I have found that editing wikis works best if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox. It did not work properly for me when using Safari (Mac) so I would recommend that Mac users download and install Firefox. It is a better web browser in general and works better with a lot of different websites. To get a copy of Firefox, click here.