Places to Get Wikis


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This wiki provider has a special deal going for teachers at the moment. Teachers can go straight onto Wikispaces mid-level pricing plan for free as long as the wiki is being used for education. This means that you can get a wiki with no advertising, the ability to make the wiki private to a select group, and you can also have more customisable templates and themes.
Wikispaces is also generous with their data limit which is why I am using them for this site. The limit is 2GB+ of storage (if you really need to go over for legitimate reasons they say to email them and it will be fine). I like the option of using a floating toolbar so that you don't always need to scroll to the top of the wiki when you need to do an edit.
To get an advertising free wiki from wikispaces (for educational use) click here.
On this page are some instructions that I have put together on using Wikispaces.

Peanut Butter Wiki

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(as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich)
This is the wiki that I started off with and I am still a fan of its clean cut design. However, it does not have as much storage space as a Wikispace wiki which could be a problem with larger projects. Still, I think it is a very good option.

I have made instructions for adding to a Peanut Butter Wiki on this page .

WetPaint Wiki

These wikis are very attractive with their range of template options and are easy to use. The only problem with them is that they have advertising from Google Ads as well as links to other WetPaint Wikis which you are not able to remove from your site. With some links going to rapper websites you may want to think carefully about this option. However, they are definitely some of the best looking wikis out there.

For instructions on how to use a WetPaint wiki, go to this help website.
For an example of a school wiki made with WetPaint, visit the website of Room6 at Muritai School.


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This wiki enables you to add blocks of content to your wiki page so that you can set it out any way you like. You can record directly into a block with your webcam or record an audio track only. Internet Explorer users can drag and drop content onto the page from their own files. This seems quite a good option. Here is a simple test page that I made. The help page gives you advice on everything you need to do to get started.

Zoho Wiki

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Sign up for a free Zoho account and a wiki is just one of the many free online services you can have. The wikis are customisable and you can set the level of privacy without paying at all. I have just discovered this wiki and am really impressed so far. Other things you can do is make online presentations, worksheets, documents, and more.