Video Mashup Tools


This is an introduction I made using the Zentation tool for an online conference that I was part of. I include it here as an example of how to use video and the tool Zentation.

Notice that the two tools used to create this Zentation presentation where Google Video and SlideShare. I'm now going to back up a step and talk about each of these tools and possible uses for them before then explaining how to combine them using Zentation. In the videos where you see what is happening on my computer screen as I talk you through it, I used a Mac program called iShowU which captures 'Screen casts'. This was very reasonably priced and has been extremely useful.


This is like Zentation but does you have great flexibility about what is put in the box alongside the video. You can have all kinds of media in the second box such as photos, polls and more. However, when you embed it, you only get to see the video not the second panel. If you click on the bottom right of the movie below, it will take you to their site where you will be able to see what he is talking about.

Video Editing Tools


An interesting tool! Use it to isolate a section of a YouTube video that you want to share and then send links to friends to be able to access it.

YouTube time selection

You can also add an extra piece the end of a YouTube URL to have the video load at a specific time point in the video.

Video Captioning Tools

Dot Sub

external image dotsub.gifThis online tool allows you to create subtitles for videos that are online. Great for kids working in other languages and also better in terms of accessibility for any visually impaired viewers of the video.

Project Read On

external image h_logo.gifAnother service that captions videos - you can request that a video is added to their library. Below is an example from the site.


external image harkle_logo_main.jpg
A search engine for captioned media online.

YouTube 'cleansing' tools

Take away all the 'nasties' in YouTube such as the comments.

Creates a link for a YouTube video without all the comments etc. You install the button in your browser toolbar, go to a YouTube video page and then click on the button to remove the clutter. This gives you a 'safe' link that you can then give to students.

Safeshare TV
external image tv.pngAnother similar site that removes all the clutter using a button in the toolbar and provides a link to give to students.

Again, does the same thing as the above two sites and removes all the distractions.
Installs as a browser extension and then automatically removes the cluster when you go to a YouTube video - doesn't give you a different link to give to others though. I'd install this on every classroom computer!