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I decided to give Twitter its own page because there are not that many other microblogging projects like it around at the moment. Microblogging is where you type a quick phrase about something you are doing, thinking about or reading and anyone who is 'following' within the Twitter network can see that on their own Twitter timeline. This is a little like status updates on Facebook. There are then a host of free software applications that will automatically update as you get new 'Tweets' so that you don't have to go to the Twitter website to see if there are any new ones. Below is the Commoncraft video to explain Twitter.

Twitter Clients

You can stay up-to-date with ease if you use a 3rd party application to download and inform you of all new Tweets from your network as they are written.
external image twitterrific_icon.pngThis now has a cost of $15US to buy. Check out the features on their website. It is Mac only.

external image logo.jpgThis for both PC and Mac and is based on the Adobe Air application which you have to download and install first (for free). Twhirl is also free. Features include an audio alert when new tweets arrive and colour coding to show differences between ordinary Tweets and tweets directed to you personally.
external image spaz-banner.pngAnother client for PC. Mac and Linux that works on Adobe Air technology. Similar features to Twhirl but with larger avatar images next to each person and the audio alerts are quite entertaining.

There are more downloadable clients listed on the Twitter website.

This list came from The Lost Art of Blogging blog which also has more general information on Twitter and why it is useful.
  1. twhirl. This is the most popular desktop client for twitter on the web. I personally prefer to use the default web client for twittering, but this is a great tool for catching up with what other people are twittering. Found it particularly useful when replying to twits and when I’m in a hurry too.
  2. TwitterFeed. Already talked a bit about this great tool above, but it’s worth mentioning it once more. Again what it does is it pulls your latest post urls from your blog’s feed and posts them on your twitter account. alongside their title.
  3. LoudTwitter. Now this is a real useful one. Basically it’s the bridge that posts to your blog your daily tweets in one single digest. A clear example can be found atJeremy Wright’s blog.
  4. Twitter Tools. This is a wordpress plugin, developed by the infamous Alex King, that creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. The plugin can pull twits from your twitter account to your blog (much like LoudTwitter does) and also allows you to twitter from within wordpress.
  5. Twitt-Twoo. A nifty little plugin for WP, that allows you to update your twitter status from inside your blog’s sidebar. Personally I won’t use it, because it would cluster the sidebar, but I’ve seen it on tons of blogs and I’m sure a lot of people will find it useful.
  6. TwitThis. The following tool will add a nifty little button at the end of every post, much in the same way the various social media buttons, you see at the end of every blog post, work. Only, instead of submitting a post to digg or stumbleupon, when hitting the button, the url of the respective blogpost will be copied to your twitter dashboard. You can then share the post with your friends.
  7. Twitter Badge. The official javascript codes and widgets that display badges showing what you are posting on Twitter.
  8. Tweetscan. A great search engine for twitter, that you can use to see what people are twitting about you, your blog, brand, company, product etc.
  9. TwitterNotes. I told how twitter can be used as a great environment for taking and keeping track of notes. Well this tool will do just that helping you better keep notes on twitter, by tagging them.
  10. RSS to Twitter. A excellent PHP script that feeds RSS to twitter.
  11. TwitterFox. This is a great Firefox plugin that allows you to send and receive updates, right from the browser’s status bar.
  12. Elearning Twits - Find a directory of New Zealand and Australian twitter people here.

Learning More and Doing More with Twitter

Why educators use Twitter? (responses to the question that I posted on Twitter)

Guides to Twitter

external image 1632604823_dcf264467d_o_d.pngThe Big Juicy Twitter Guide
This is a very user friendly set of chapters on how to use Twitter.

Rachel Boyd has also put together a set of Twitter links on Delicious.

Kathy Schrock has a huge Twitter in education resource.

Other Twitter Tips
Hashtags are away of adding tags to 'tweets' which are then compiled on the hashtag website. A great way to collect information around a specific topic.

Finding people to follow

If you feel a little lonely on Twitter, you can find 'friends of friends' to follow using a handy little online tool called Twubble.
NZ/Oz Twitter directory
And if you want to Follow me - I am suzievesper on Twitter :-)