There are some great tools that make life MUCH easier. Online survey tools can make my job of collecting and analysying data almost a painless experience.

Survey Monkey

external image logo_mk.gif This is my survey tool of choice for my ICT cluster. The only thing about it that I don't like is that I can't embed my survey onto a wiki or blog. Otherwise, it is fabulous! Click on the link below to fill in a quick survey about this website to see what it looks like. I will post results of this survey here from time to time.

Poll Daddy

external image logo.gif Find out the opinions of people to your site by using this imbedded poll widget.

Poll Pub

external image pollpublogo.gifAnother poll widget - in this one you can use video clips to choose between for your poll

Visu Polls

external image polls.gifThis is another poll tool that can be embedded onto wikis and blogs.


This tool allows you to have people use mobile phones to text their response to the poll and then watch the results appear live on the screen. This is free for up to 30 responses per poll. A VERY interesting tool. I have embedded a poll that you can vote on and have included a screen shot of what the live text messaging option looks like.


JotForm has a free option which allows for up to 3 forms a month and 100 responses, which should be enough for the average teacher.
Fantastic free tool. There are some tutorials on the site too if you want to dig more deeply into the potential of this tool. Here's movie one showing you how to get started. Apart from creating e-learning activities, you could use the forms to get feedback on your teaching or to do a range of classroom research tasks. You could even get your students creating class surveys and compiling the results. You can also embed the forms into your own website or blog.