Social Networking Sites
Imbee is a social networking site that is designed for younger children (see below). I still thought the other more well know networks desired a mention as they are such a big part of Web 2.0 for teenagers and people who are involved in the arts and it is good to be aware of what our kids are in to.

Social Networking in Plain English
This video by the Commoncraft people is a good simple introduction to show why social networking sites are so popular.

Sites appropriate for younger children


external image avi_circle.pngThis is a networking site designed for children or young adults. You have to have permission of an adult if you are under 18 and the site is monitored to ensure appropriateness. It is a 3D world for chat and video and music uploading and sharing.


external image logo.pngImbee is designed for children ages 8 to 14 and is designed to be a chaperoned site that adults can keep tabs on. Accounts are free and they are actively courting teachers to set up classes using the service (they have three ready made lesson plans for teachers!)


external image home-logo-beta.png?20100521150204Another social network site set up for kids under 10 that is actively monitored to ensure the content is appropriate.

Sites for teenagers and adults

My Space

Everyone has heard of this networking site. There are a huge number of teenagers around the world using this site to communicate with each other about their favourite music, online videos, pictures and more. Artists use it to promote their work and make connections with other artists around the world. I haven't really heard any stories of this being used for education so let me know if you have


This site is made up of a number of subsites began as a tool based around different work places or educational institutions but has now become an international phenomenon overtaking My Space.


(which half our kids seem to be on)
external image 2491082761a3453069847b680149751ml.jpg
Check out this profile of a 12 year old from Dunedin!

Yahoo 360

This site combines a personal webpage with a blog and a photo album.


A UK based secondary social network that is safe for students and teachers.