Screen Capture Software

The software on this page either captures digital still shots of what is on the screen or captures what you are doing on your screen as a movie (great for making instructions for people). Some do both!

Both PC and Mac


Jing.pngThis piece of free software, for both Mac and PC, allows you to take a screen capture of either a still image or a video of your screen. It then gives you the option to annotate over your still image and add objects like arrows. When you have finished capturing either your still image or movie, you can choose to upload your image up to the web to share with others or simple save to your computer. I think this is a great piece of software!

Mac Software


external image skitchpublicbeta.jpgThis great little piece of software for Macs works in a very similar way to Jing. You capture an image that you want and can then annotate over it with text and arrows. You can also draw shapes and mask areas so has more options for still images than Jing. You can then save to your computer or post to the Skitch area online. It seems a little easier to get embed codes than Jing and uploads very smoothly. It is still in Beta right now and you need an invite to test it. I have one and I know others who have more if you are interested. Watch the video to get more information.

iShowU $

external image blocks_image_13_1.pngThis software for Macs allows you to take good quality video screen casts. It will create the video file in a variety of video and audio formats so that you can find one that is compatible with your other programs. I have found it very easy to use and have paid the $20 US to have my own copy though I now think ScreenFlow, while more expensive, is a superior application. Now that Jing is available, you may not need this though you get far more options in terms of settings with iShowU.

ScreenFlow $

external image icon-screenflow.jpgTo me, this beats all other Mac screencasting applications hands down because of the features you can add with the built in editor after capturing your screen but it does come at a cost. I have saved hours of my life using this application to create instructional movies for one of my consulting jobs and can highly recommend it.

The In-Built Mac Screen capture tools

There are some key combinations that will turn your mouse into a target that you can then drag over the section of screen that you want.
1. Command+ Shift+ 4 This will allow you to drag over an area which will then save as a .png image file on your desktop.
2. Command+Ctrl +Shift+4 This will allow you to drag over an area but will this time copy your selection to the computer clipboard.
3. Command+Shift+3 This will capture everything on the screen as a .png

If you push Command+Shift+4 (or with Ctrl) and then push the space bar, the cross hairs turn into a camera and then you can positio that camera over any object on the screen that you want to take a picture of such as a toolbar or an open window.

Finally, you can use an application in Utilities called Grab which will do timed screen captures. I rarely use this but it can come in handy.

A useful Mac widget is Screenshot Plus, that also lets you capture images from commercial DVDs. It lets you save to different places on your computer and also in a number of different image formats, rather than just PNG.

PC Software

Gadwin Print Screen

external image print_screen.gif
This free software for PCs allows you to take screen captures in a variety of way: you can take a capture of just a rectangular area, a window or the whole screen. You can also decide if the captured image will go to the clipboard, be saved as a file or both. This saves a LOT of time when trying to make those pictoral sets of instructions as you no longer have to use PrtScr and then crop it. Really handy for people working on a Mac which has a partitioned drive running XP on one part of it as there is NO PrtScr on a Mac and the in-built Mac screen caputre options don't work in XP.

Free Video Screen Recorder

external image ScreenVideoRecorder.png

From the website - Free Screen Video Recorder is a compact, yet full-featured screen video recorder and screenshot capture tool that allows you to easily record screen activities and capture anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen and rectangular regions.You can choose to save captures to file, clipboard or print them out directly from the program window.Built-in editing tools include basic functions like resizing, cropping and rotating.
Free Screen Video Recorder saves video files as AVI and image files in BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA or PNG formats.

BB Flashback

external image webcam1.jpgThis free application allows you to record your screen with audio or you can turn on the webcam to record yourself as you record the screen to give it the personal touch. It has one click uploading to a lot of the online video storage platforms such as YouTube or Blip.

Go View

external image tour_recordfeature1.jpgThis application allows you to film your screen with audio. It will simultaneously stream your video up to the Go View website where you can use editing tools to make adjustments to your video and then you are able to instantly share the video.


Create screenshots in a variety of situations. This can also be used as a Firefox or Internet Explorer extension. Watch the video below to see it in action.


external image picpick_small.jpg
PicPick is an all-in-one program including a screen capture tool, image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair and a whiteboard.
It sits in the system tray. As it is freeware, you may use this software on any number of computers for as long as you like.