Powerpoint in Education

Powerpoint can be a really useful tool and can be used in a variety of powerful ways in the classroom. It can also be misused with students getting carried away with the 'bells and whistle' rather than the message of their presentation.

Advice on Using Powerpoint

Materials for teaching powerpoint
Use the example of this page of a really bad powerpoint to teach children about how annoying some aspects of powerpoint can be. The screen pics are from the Mac version so you may need to adapt some of the graphics for a PC version. Also, the video doesn't play so you may want to add your own to this slide. Still, a very useful resource.
Really Bad Powerpoint - Downloadable e-book
While the ideas in this e-book are aimed at businesses, the pitfalls to avoid are still useful.

Many video tutorials and downloadable resources - from a blogger who has a passion for Powerpoint.

My Own Tutorials

I took another more complex set of instructions and simplified it down. There is therefore some content within the tutorial that is not strictly mine so if the original writer of the 65 page tutorial would like me to take this resource down, please email me.

How to add your own photos to backgrounds of slides and how to fade them out so that they do not overpower your presentation.

How to add a music track that will play throughout your presentation and how to record voice audio onto slides. Also how to make the sound icon invisible.

Online tutorials

There are a huge number of these available on the web. I have just included a snap shot of these below.

Internet4Classrooms - Powerpoint
Look no further for resources! A huge number of tutorials and examples of classroom use. Also has template powerpoints for you to download. A wonderful site.
Teach ICT
PowerPoint tutorial for PowerPoint 2007 with very helpful screenshots.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Starter's Guide
A large bank of online video tutorials on how to use Powerpoint. An excellent site.
Electric Teacher - Powerpoint
A large number of tutorials covering most common tasks
Kid Friendly Powerpoint tutorials
Kid Friendly Tutorial on how to use Powerpoint
Using Powerpoint to Make a Talking Book
This site has a downloadable tutorial (pdf file) and a sample template to get you started. The movie below also has very clear instructions on how to do this.
Microsoft Office Online - Powerpoint
Tutorials for all aspects of Powerpoint for Windows. This link takes you to the 2003 version page but you can swap to a different version using the navigation bar on the left.
Online Powerpoint Tutorials
A handy list of tutorials with screen shots from a librarian.
"Awesome Backgrounds" Powerpoint Tutorials
There are some interesting tips and tutorials on this site such as how to link presentations together without importing all the slides into one powerpoint.
Making Interactive Games with Powerpoint
Ideas on how you can make gameshow style powerpoint games using hyperlink features in Powepoint.

VideoJug: How To Create A Talking Book In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
This is a very simple video for teaching you keyboard shortcuts to use with Powerpoint (mac users - do the same but use the apple key instead of Control key)

VideoJug: Useful Shortcuts For Microsoft PowerPoint

Online Resources that Support the Use of Powerpoint

TKI Software for Learning - Powerpoint
This site has learning examples and teacher support materials
This piece of freeware software can have slides in Powerpoint read automatically. Great for special needs children or those with low reading ability.
PowerPoint Tools
This website offers 'add-on software' to powerpoint that enhances it. One example is a link fixer that will keep all your hyperlinks and images intact if you move your powerpoint off your own computer. You need to pay for these. They only work on PC machines.
Public Domain Images Several thousand copyright friendly images for use in Ms PowerPoint.