Podcasts and Videocasts

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Podcasting and Videocasting involves the production of either a radio type show or a television type show that is posted to the net. The difference between these and either radio and television is that they can be listened to more than once and at a time that suits the listener/ watcher rather than the producer. Another advantage is that people can subscribe to the podcast/ videocast using applications such as iTunes, Podomatic or Odeo. This means that each time that application is open and connected to the net, it will automatically retrieve and download any new editions of the podcast/ videocasts. It has been associated with iPods as you can stay up-to-date with your latest podcast by downloading it to your iPod to listen to wherever you are.

Tips for Setting up Podcasts/ Videocasts

Podcasting as a Whole Class Activity
This slideshare presentation has good ideas on the skills that are needed and a lot of useful podcasting links. If you click on the above link, it will take you to a site where the author has also posted a downloadable set of notes.

Podcasting in Education Resources
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A HUGE number of really useful links including many step-by-step tutorials on how to make podcasts using a variety of tools. Ideas for ways to use podcasts as well.

Allanah King's Podcasting Wiki
All.pngThis teacher in Nelson has been podcasting for a while and has tried out a number of different tools and then has written about them on a wiki. I love the downloadable pdf rubrics for the children to assess against. Lots of really great ideas. The same teacher also contributed a section on podcasting to the Time4Online conference and this is an excellent presentation.

Encouraging Learner Autonomy
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This blog by an English teacher working in Bilbao called Ann is a brilliant guide to setting up podcasts and blogs. Go to the bottom post and work your way back up to the top to get a step-by-step guide.

CogDog's Podcasting Tips
think.jpgThis link goes to a wiki page with advice on planning podcasts. There are more pages focusing on different aspects of podcasting to the left.

K12 Handholds - Podcasting in Education
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Another useful and thorough guide with links to tutorials and good examples of podcasting being used in education.

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This is the blog of the Kidcast podcast creator. Here you can listen to the podcasts online and read the supporting material. Dan travels the world talking about using podcasting in the classroom and both his podcast and blog are packed with tips.

Podcasting Tutorials from Podomatic
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Takes you through exactly what you need to do to make a podcast using Audacity and then putting it up on the podomatic site.

Podcasting in the Classroom
external image podcast2.gif This list of links are really helpful to get a better understanding of podcasting. There is also information on how to structure
podcast activities.

iPod in Education
external image logo.pngLots of ideas on how you can use handhelds.

Podcasting Tools
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Look at the list of pages to the left hand side for a huge amount of information on how to work with podcasts.

Poducate Me
external image poducateme_home.jpgA site dedicated to looking at how podcasts can enhance education and how to go about creating and publishing your own.

Podcasting in Education
external image 0,0,300,300752c6c4e_390c8683_51f637af.jpgExamples of educational podcasts and tips on how to create them.

Tools for Creating and Enhancing Podcasts


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Yes - Mac users can podcast with very little effort using Garageband. The latest Garageband has a podcast option when you start a new project. When you have finished, you just export your podcast to iTunes and from there you can post it up to the web using iWeb or another online podcast directory. Be aware that Garageband is quite processor hungry and sometimes doesn't cope with a large number of tracks. It pays to use it on a computer with at least 1GB of Ram. Otherwise, this website offers tips on what to do when the system overloads.

There is a great enhanced podcast on how to easily add images to Garageband with a focus on the timings on this website by Jane Keyes.


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This is a piece of software that I am just experimenting with at the moment. It is shareware and after 15 days free trial you will need to pay the $30 US. Basically, you drag a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation that you plan to use during your lesson into the window and then run you presentation as usual. The program will match the slides in your presentation to the audio of your voice. You can then post it up on the web for your students to review at their own leisure. An interesting concept.


external image gabcast.gifAs written on their website: "Gabcast.com is a podcasting and audioblogging platform that offers an easy way to create and distribute audio content. Most people will use a touch-tone telephone to make their recordings but we also provide worldwide access to the service through VoIP. Once you have made a recording and have published it, a newsfeed is immediately and automatically updated to alert subscribers to your channel.

Interesting Examples of Podcasts

Point England School Book Reviews
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This New Zealand school has won international net awards with their podcasts. They also use Google Analytics to analyse where their visitors come from as part of their statistics. They also have folders in each room where emails they receive and printed and children have to locate the location of the visitor on a map glued to the email. The emails become part of their reading programme. They focus on New Zealand books for their reviews. To read an article from the Apple website about this school, click here.

Appleby School Podcasts- this Nelson podcast was a finalist in the 2007 'Best use of Audio' Edublog Awards.

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This website has audio stories for kids that you can download from their site.

Learn Out Loud Podcasts
external image learnoutloudhomepagegif.gifAt Learn Out Loud, they have a huge bank of audio texts and resources and their own podcasts on the site. One example is an Aesop Fable podcast series.

Forest Pathways Podcast
This site uses Podomatic to host their podcast. Very interesting to listen to with information on e-safety and a great episode on what kids think is good and bad use of ICT in their classrooms.

Mystery Maze
Contains a number of podcasts uploaded by teachers for you to use. Has a US bias.

Podcast Hosting

external image menu-right.gifThis podcast hosting site charges a one-off setup fee of 10 UK pounds and then you have 25GB of free storage. It makes it easy to create the RSS feed.

Directories of Podcasts

(where you can also list your podcast)

Educational Podcast Network
A large database of educational podcasts and some useful tips.

A UK directory of educational podcasts. Currently it is featuring the Point England podcasts.

Podcast Pickle
A database of podcasts and videocasts.

Vital Podcasts - Making it Easy
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You can add your own podcasts and search for other podcasts. Useful articles and tips.

Podcast Alley
external image podcast_alley_logo2.gif Find a huge range of podcasts here on a variety of topics.You can submit your podcast to the directory but this site does not host your podcast.

Podcast Directory - Phonecasting is the most excellent site to find all your podcasts, podcast feeds, podcast definitions, podcast software and best podcast directory.

Digital Podcast
external image dplogo.gif Another directory of podcasts.

Podsafe Music

Podcast Alley
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This has the link of sites where you can get Podsafe music. This means you won't be breaking copyright.

Freeplay Music- select a genre and find a track to download.

This site has a huge number of albums and songs online that you can download for free as long as you follow the rules of the creative commons license that the artist has used. You can star your favourite artists and albums and share your finds in various ways including an embeddable music player of the album (like below).