Picture Sharing

There are many sites on the net where you can post pictures and photos. You can then share them with others and search for images to use posted by others. There are also more things that you can do to make this a great resource within education

Why use photo sharing?

  • Many photo sharing sites have privacy options which means that you can set up photos so only parents in your classroom can view them. You can upload pictures of children without needing to worry about internet safety.
  • If pictures are made public, you can make a link to your picture’s URL in another website and the picture will appear on that website without using up any data allowance on that other website.
  • There are a host of uploaded images that you can download and use for non-profit purposes (check the copyright)
  • If you have photos on these sites then you are protected if your computer crashes - you will have a backup (I can speak from personal experience here!)

The Web Tools


This site is a way of sharing photos but also a way of having people collaborate using the photos by adding comments to the photos. It is a sort of mix between slideshows and podcasting. I have made a separate page on this wiki for VoiceThread.


This is my new favourite way to display photos. Accounts are free and you can search your photos on Flickr, PhotoBucket or upload them from your computer. You can also do general web searches for images to use. You drag the photos you want to display into your storyboard area and then apply a style to use. Many aspects of each style can be customised to suit your purposes. You can save it to their server and then they give you the ability to embed the code on a wiki page. Way cool!! Click on each of the photos on my 'emotion tree' to get a close-up of them (I took these photos years ago!)


This is one of the newest picture sharing tools out there. I like the fact that it moves the pictures in time with the music. They have a lot of excellent music that you are allowed to use with your images or you can choose your own music. The transitions are excellent as well. The downside is that you can only get 30 seconds of this for free which is a little limiting. This slideshow is one made from different pictures kids have taken with me after doing a session on how to take great pictures.


Another site where you can upload your pictures and create animations with them.


external image flickr_logo_gamma.gif.v1.2.4

This is a great tool for storing photos and finding other great images to use in your classroom. There are also a number of other ways you can use this in education making the most of the 'note' feature and by using other online tools that work with Flickr. I have decided that this tool needs a page all to itself so you can now access this page by clicking here.


external image PbLogo.170.g.nobevel.gifThis is the description of Photobucket on their website: Photobucket is a way for people to create, manage and share their personal media online. With more than 38 million users, Photobucket is a creative hub linking billions of personal photos, graphics, slideshows, and videos daily to hundreds of thousands of web sites--including MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, eBay, Craigslist, Blogger and Xanga. In addition to linking, Photobucket users share their personal digital media by email, instant messaging, and mobile devices.

  • It is easy to find the information you need to embed pictures from it into your websites or blogs.
  • It has a 'Share' button which sends your picture to the most common web 2.0 sites without you having to do anything.
  • There are themed slideshow options such as adding a Xmas frame to your photos.
  • It also houses videos as well as pictures so is like a combination of Flickr and YouTube. You can also mix together video and photos from your account using the website.
  • You are able to have as many albums as you want and customisable slideshows that you can easily embed on other sites.
  • You can have 10 slideshows with the free account (like the one at the top of this page) which are customisable
  • You can use the photos you have stored on Photobucket with other sites (such as Slide on this page) so you don't need to upload the pics again to Slide.
  • The ads on the free account are VERY annoying.
  • You can't set the level of privacy for each photo
  • While you can email people pictures from the site, they can't download pictures from the site directly
  • There is a limit to the number of photos you can have in each slideshow


external image logo-menutop-rockyou.gifThis website provides you with extremely customisable photo slideshare options as well as other tools for your blog or wiki. You can add special effects such as glitter writing to you photos.

Create Your Own

Tutorial for RockYou
This is a screencast I made showing how to made the above RockYou album.


external image header-logo.gif?3599The slideshow of scrolling pictures below is one example of what can be created using BubbleShare. I was impressed with all the options I had for each photo in my albums. I could add sound to each one (which I did below though I'm not exactly super exciting!). To hear the sound for the photo, just position your mouse on top of the little speaker picture on each photo. You can also add speech bubbles and about 20 other objects. You can put a piece of video onto the photos as well.
This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog


This looks very similar to RockYou when making a SlideShow. You can upload files from your computer or from a variety of other sites such as Facebook and PhotoBucket.

PhotoShow (Roxio Online)

The thing I like about this option is that it is SOLELY for making photo slideshows so has a clean interface. However, you do have to pay a subscription fee to get the full range of options available.


When you upload your photos to this site, it creates a watery reflection of the photo. This is the only thing the site does but it is quite effective.
Photo Sharing
Add this effect to your own photos

Photo Peach

Another slideshow site where you can upload photos or link your account to Facebook, Picasa or Flickr to use photos you have uploaded there. You can then add some music to your slideshow from some available on YouTube. Finally you can embed either a story slideshow or spiral version (both are shown below).
Vietnam on PhotoPeach
Vietnam on PhotoPeach
You can turn your slideshow into quizes as well
Summer 08/09 on PhotoPeach


KoffeePhoto is a great photosharing site (and software)

  • Incredible ease of uploading (after downloading the java uploader that works on all platforms) and the options available.
  • You can add music from your own music library to the slideshows.
  • You can upload as many pictures as you like and have as many albums as you like.
  • You can add photos to either a private or shared album (or both).
  • It gives you details on code you need to embed individual pictures or whole albums onto other sites (wedding photos on the right side is an example of an entire album)
  • You can edit the photos for colour, contrast etc
  • You can embed the slideshow on to personalized home pages such as iGoogle or Netvibes
  • The way the java uploader looks when downloads is a little different to normal applications but this is not a big deal.
  • You can't view slideshows with transitions or music online or embed these into other sites. You only get a link with pics showing (like above) that will take you to the online album. Albums slideshows play with the downloaded application.


external image WebshotsLogo.PNGWebshots is a service which combines aspects of Flickr and Photobucket. I think I prefer this site to Photobucket simply due to the lack of ads! Benefits:

  • The ads don't dominate the page
  • You can download software to make uploading pictures faster
  • The site displays each type of code you need to link to your photos from other places
  • You can make customisable websites and embed them on other sites
  • There are a range of download sizes
  • You can set the level of privacy
  • You can buy images from their professional photographer database if you want to (you can download some each month to use as desktop and wallpaper images.


flauntR is a free online photo editor and effects software. Apply 1000s of digital photo effects to your images with just one click. Get images directly from FlickR or your PC. Use the online photo album feature for photo storage, and access your albums online. Share your creations by email, edit pictures online for embedding on your web page and blog.

Good site for quickly adding some effects to your snaps and then embedding them into your site.


Has the potential to be a great digital portdolio/scrapbook for students, either publish privately or open, without the slikness of normally digital work produced on the computer which many students don't like.. It is easy to use, they have some great templetes and features, including editting photos (with lessons) and building into your scrapblog you can add videos from YouTube. Here's my first attempt:

Check out the site for some great examples. Free to test, only have to sign up (again free) if you want to save or publish.

Roxio Photoshow

Another site where you can upload images to turn into slideshows. Nothing inappropriate on the site which is good but there are a limited number of options unless you get a premium account and your Photoshows expire after 20 days which isn't that useful.

There are yet more sites and I haven't fully explored them all but you can also check out:
Image Shack
Sharp Cast - this one looks interesting with its ability to sync between photo albums online and on more than one computer rather than uploading.
Qnext - Share all your music, photos and files with people on your share list. Has won many awards and looks worth checking out.
Album Town