Photo Manipulation

I don't have a page for each of these applications but here are details and links to some useful photo manipulation programs

Adjusting Photos

PC - Picasa (by Google)

external image picasa-225x250.gifThis is a great piece of software. Threre are many options and effects that you can add to your photos. I enjoyed using the 'Make Collage' option from the photos I had selected which, with one click, I was able to set as my desktop display. If you have a blogger account, you can send the picture there straight from the program. There were a lot of effects you could add to your photo as well. I used the gradient tint to fix a problem with one of my wedding photos. Any changes are shown to you as you adjust them so you can see straight away if you are achieving the desired effect.

Snapfire - PC

external image 543%5C35%5Cbanner,0.jpg This free digital photography software makes it easy for you to entertain friends and family with your photos and videos. There's fun Snapfire Shows, easy e-mail options, drag & drop creative templates, and more.

Irfan View- PC

external image startbild_engl-small.gif IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact graphic viewer. It is one of the best free image viewers for just about any file type, showing detailed information about images, helping you create slide shows, and performing simple editing tasks like eliminating red-eye.

Studio Line Photo Basic - PC

external image screenshot-h.jpgAdd descriptions to your images, send photos per email in just the right size, print high-quality copies, display slide-shows, publish web-galleries, safe- keep your images on CD or DVD.

iPhoto - Mac

For resources on iPhoto, visit my iPhoto page by following the link.

Photoshop - PC and Mac

Planet Photoshop
Free tutorials for Photoshop
Russell Brown
More tips for using Photoshop


This site does all of the basic photo editing functions that most software applications provide but it also allows you to resize the photos (like photorazor - which is excellent) but it also allows you to download the picture to either your computer or upload it to myspace or facebook or a variety of other web2.0 social networking sites. I am so impressed - I have now converted to Picnik.

Photo File Resizing

There are times, such as sending photos by email or posting them to websites, when you need to reduce the file size. It is a good idea to get children into the habit of thinking about the file sizes they are making other people download and give them ways to deal with it. Below are a PC and a Mac option.

PC - PhotoRazor

external image photorazor_screenshot3.jpgThis program allows you to resize the file size of individual photos or a whole folder of photos at once. The original photos are not changed, the program outputs the resized photos to a different folder.

Mac - Image Well

external image thumb154.jpgThis program resizes photos and outputs them to a folder, ftp and other options. You do more than just resize: you can add a frame to your picture, speech bubbles, watermarks and more. You can change the file type and file name. If you pay $15 US for the 'extras', you can batch process the pictures and drag in more than one picture to work in layers and make a collage. A great little program!