PB Wiki Tutorial

Entering text

Type or paste your text into the white box. This is what will appear on the page. If there is already other content on the page, be careful to not delete it. If you do, there is an 'undo' on the toolbars at the top of the page.

Using the toolbars

The toolbars at the top of the page are very similar to what you would get in Word at the top of your screen. You can bold, underline and italic your text and do many things you can do in Word. If you put your mouse over icons on the toolbar, a message pops up to tell you what that icon does.
external image Toolbars.png

Inserting an image

If you want to insert a picture, click on the 'Insert Image' icon. On the pop up window that comes up, click on 'Browse' to find the image you want and then click 'Upload' When the computer has finished uploading the image to the files area of the wiki, click 'OK' to insert the image on the page.

external image Insert%20image.png
You can then resize the image as you would in Word by first clicking on the image to select it and then dragging the small squares on the corners and sides of the image. You can also move the image to a different place on your wiki by dragging it to a the desired location. Right clicking on the image gives you some options to change the image properties but I don't really use this option very often.
external image Resize.png

Making a hyperlink

I am going to make a link to the inquiry information on this wiki. If you want to add a hyperlink to another website or another page within this wiki, select the text that you want to turn into a link and click on the 'Link' icon.
When the pop up window appears, use the first drop down menu to choose whether you want to link to a wiki page or a URL (other internet site).
Make sure when you add your URL you use For example
external image link.png
If you choose WikiPage, you then use the second drop down menu to choose which page you want to link to. After that, check that the link text box has the writing in it that you want to appear on the wiki page.
external image link%20to%20page.png
If you choose URL, you type or paste in the internet address of the site you want to link to. After that, check that the link text box has the writing in it that you want to appear on the wiki page