external image guitar.jpgWith Garageband, students can perform, record, and create their own music and other audio. They can easily create original music by combining a series of pre-recorded musical performances (called loops which come built into the program). Or, they can plug in a guitar, keyboard, or microphone and record their own music. Students can also use GarageBand to record podcasts and then add images, jingles, and special effects. They can use their GarageBand compositions as soundtracks for their slideshows, movies, and DVD projects and publish their podcasts on webpages.

How to Use Garageband

Tutorials - General
Apple Garageband Support Page
There are both text and video tutorials on this site as well as troubleshooting tips and online forums that you can post questions to. There are also downloadable PDF manuals from this page on the site.
Lynda's Training
There are some free tutorials on this site for basic functions but you would need to subscribe to the site to access them all.
These tutorials were written by a teacher in the states. The last update was in 2006 to show how to do podcasting with Garageband 3 so some of the content may be a little outdated.

Podcasting Tutorials
Garageband - Recording your Podcast
This tutorial from Apple provides you with useful information on making a podcast. It is an overview rather than a step-by-step tutorial but has particularly useful info on publishing your podcast (in other ways than to iWeb)
Creating your own Podcast
This Apple tutorial takes you through step by step with clear pictures, instructions and tutorial movies. Note there is a link to how to make videocasts using iMovie.
Using Track Editor to Set up Timings for Images
This is a great enhanced podcast on how to easily enhance your podcasts by adding images in Garageband with a focus on the timings.

Examples of Use

Apple Student Gallery
Do a search here for the application Garageband and find hundreds of examples of students completed projects.
Apple Learning Interchange Garageband Collection
This site is a place for teachers to share ideas and examples on how to use Mac products. This link takes you directly into the Garageband examples.
Podcasting Examples
I have linked to many online examples of podcasts on my Vid/Podcast page in the online section.

Extra Loops for Garageband

This website offers 200 free extra loops as long as you register first.
Jam Packs
Apple sells extra loops in the form of these Jam Packs.
Make Loops in Garageband
Garageband offers you the option of making your own loops from a section of a garageband track. Find out how to do this here.

Places that list where to get free loops
The Garage Door Loops Collection
The GarageBand Studio Free Loops List
iCompositions List of Loops