Online Games
There are a number of complex online games that can be used in a range of curriculum areas as well as to develop problem solving skills. I will not be using this area to focus on the numerous basic games that are around for education use but more involved games. I have links to sites with normal educational games on the year group areas off my teacher portal wiki.

Samorost One and Samorost Two
external image B.jpg Created by Amanita Design, these lovely point and click games are guaranteed to enthrall all who play them. They would be awesome for using to prompt creative writing or instructional writing. The problem solving skills needed to play are also great brain gym. The first game features a smoking character who seems a little 'out of it' so may not be suitable for kids but the second game has no such issues. It is called a 'Point and Click' game as that is how you play - by clicking on areas of the screen to make things happen. This might seem to be an easy thing to do but finding the right places to click and in the correct order is no easy feat! Not all the levels of Samorost Two are included in the free online version and you need to pay to download the full version (but not very much).

external image promo_qnaut_.jpgThis is a game specifically designed for the BBC education website and is to help children learn facts about English, Science and Maths. You still have to point and click in order to get the characters on each screen to ask the questions. Each correct answer means that you move to another level as your hot air balloon fills up. A great game.

external image rooms.jpgThis is a game I tripped over one day on the web and spent an engrossing number of hours making my way through the levels (and I am not someone that is a gamer as a rule). The game is set in a mysterious mansion with rooms that move and that contain magical items to help you make your way through. Using both mouse and keyboard, use the items you find and slide the rooms into the correct configuration to make your escape. It starts off deceptively easily and then gets quite difficult. A great problem solving game with excellent graphics. The only draw back is the large file sizes for it to load.

Games for Change and Health
external image costoflife.jpgThis site has games with serious aims. They help teach about conditions in other parts of the world and how to keep yourself healthy. Click here for 'Games for Change'. There wasn't an obvious list of games on the Games for Health side which was quite frustrating!