Examples of Wiki Uses

To see a list of New Zealand blogs and wikis, go to the nzedblogs site.

Sites with General Ideas for Wikis

Teachers First Wiki Ideas

Classroom Internet Sites

external image oldnag2.jpgPriestSic6
This is an amazing wiki from a teacher who is using the wiki across the curriculum in a range of ways. He is getting children to democractically vote for the template they use, he is adding a a collection of historical information about where they live, he is publishing some of the poems they have written and much more. A great model.

Room 15 Wiki
external image 23_30_117.gifAnother great model with a number of links and student created content.

List of Website Links

images.jpegCode Blue
This list of sites is for a topic on the human body

Advice for Students

external image logo.gifStudy Skills
This site focus on things to improve study such as establishing your learning styles and tips on how to successfully take tests.

Creating an made up society
I enjoyed this wiki which is based around a community of people living on a small island in New Zealand - except that there is no such island and this is actually a class project using an imaginary community as a way to develop writing and other curriculum areas.

Resource for Educators

Well, to state the obvious, this wiki is one example of this. There are many others out there.
Educational Wikis
external image logo.pngThis wiki is called Educational Wikis and has
nks to a large number of wikis; many of which I have included on this page. It also has a page of excellent links to pages with guidance on how to use Wikis in education.

K12 Wiki
external image k12badge.jpgOn this wiki, teams of collaborators were challenged to come up with wikis in response to set questions on a range of pertinent topics about the use of Wikis in K12. There are some fabulous educationalists presenting on this forum.

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