What is educational blogging?

external image logo.png I figure, why answer this question myself when others before me have done a much better job. Therefore go to the support blogging blog to find out :-)

The Support Blogging Wiki has a fantastic list of teacher, classroom and administrator blogs as well as a list of useful sites to use as a resource. This site is highly recommended!

Hear about what blogging is and why it is useful in the classroom from the mouths of these six and seven year olds from Nelson Central School. Check out their classroom blog in the Blogging Uses and Eg Section.
This video from The Common Craft show helps to explain in layman's terms exactly what a blog is and what all the fuss is about.

Why Blog?

Blogging has really become a really powerful way to reach an international audience. There are literally hundreds of thousands of educational blogs out there to read. In this world of oversaturation of information, you need to make sure that your Blog is relevant and useful to your intended audience and that you get the message of your blog 'out there'. There is nothing more depressing than slaving away on a blog that noone reads.

The main difference between a blog and wiki is that the content of a blog can only be changed if you are logged in as the creator of the blog. Other people can post comments but not add to the blog. A wiki can be edited by anyone with the wiki password which lends itself really well to collaboration.

To read a great list of 20 reasons why students should blog, go to this blog post. Rachel Boyd's class who made the video above have also make another video to answer this question.