external image nikon_d50_digital_camera_kit_7_1870mm_black_1686.jpgDigital Still Pictures in Education

There are almost limitless uses for a digital camera in a primary classroom. On this page you will find some ideas and links to resources.

How to Take a Good Photo

Kodak Top 10 Tips for Great Pictures
Each tip shows you both the correct and incorrect way to take a picture which really helps to illustrate the reasons for doing it that way.
Kodak Interactive Demos
In these demos, you are aksed to frame up a picture and then given feedback on how well you did.
Short Courses
This website has detailed e-books on how to work with digital cameras. Would be more suitable for adults.
BBC - Taking Good Photos
Photos with notes on what to think about when talking good shots.
Digital Photography
This is a wiki page compiled by a cluster facilitator that has a wealth of resources around this topic including some downloadable guides to taking good photos.
Morguefile free photography course
10 free lessons from Jodie Coston - the lessons are:
Composition And Impact - It's A Beautiful Photograph, But Do You Know WHY It's Beautiful?
Aperture And Shutter Speed - How They Work Together.
The lens - choosing camera optics.
ISO, Grain, Transparency vs. Negative, Specialty Films
Fun Effects - Camera Filters, Soft Focus, Zooming And Panning
Landscape, Nature and Travel Photography
Portraits And Studio Lighting
Studio Lighting - Still Life and Product Photography
Tying It All Together
Special Requests

Downloads to use on Photography

I made up these posters in ComicLife using pictures from Flickr. They have a number of things to consider when taking photos.

If you want to see what it looks like before downloading, I have embedded it below: