Calendar Sharing

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All operating systems have calendar programs available to you which support the iCalendar standard. This means that calendars can be published on the web and then other people can subscribe to them. For instance, I set up all the school holidays and public holidays on a calendar on one of my Macs and then put it up online and subscribed to it on my other computer so I didn't have to create it twice. You could post where you are planning to be on holiday and your parents or friends could subscribe. You could have your class calendar online and the parents could subscribe.

Programs that use the iCalendar standard

Macintosh: iCal, Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird, Zimbra, DayChaser
Windows: Microsoft Works (Version 8 or higher), WinDates, Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird, Zimbra
Linux: Novell Evolution, KOrganizer, Kronolith, Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird, Zimbra

Places to Store your Calendar and Subscribe to Others

Google Calendar
external image calendar_sm2_en-GB.gifOnce again, Google adds a very useful addition to its online tools. This calendar is stored by Google and can be embedded into your website or blog. You can make the calendar public or private. People can subscribe to your calendar so they can view it inside their own calendar program (if it supports the iCalendar standard).

Lo Calendar

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Create a calendar to put on your site. Calendars can be personal or for a group.

external image airlogo_tagged.gif?d=1184f9a2140 I really like this web based scheduling tool. You can set up groups for individuals to join in an organisation and each group can have it's own group page with a calendar and wiki space and file sharing areas and more. It will send out email notifications to people in the group (can be a little hard to turn these off at times).

iCal Exchange
external image icalx.gifThis site sets you up with an account and gives you instructions on how to publish your calendar to this account. Then give out the internet address to other people and they can click on subscribe to have this calendar show on their calendar program.
Here is the internet address for the calendar I made for the New Zealand holidays:

iCal World
external image logo.jpg For some reason, this website is not hosting any new calendars at the moment but there are a lot of useful calendars here for you to
subscribe to.

external image clean-sitelogo.gif A large number of calendars to subscribe to (but no hosting).