Internet Explorer

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The standard browser that comes with all Windows operating systems.
You can also get add-ons for Internet Explorer from the Window's Marketplace site.

Top IE Add-on Suggestions
PicLens - a great way to view image search results from Google or from Flickr


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The standard browser that comes with all Mac operating systems.
You can get add-ons for Safari from PimpMySafari and Mashable website has posted their top ten. Many of these require a small payment to use.

Top Safari Add-on Suggestions


external image firefox_logo.jpgThe free downloadable browser from Mozilla. This browser is a very popular alternative on any computer platform. Firefox behaves very well with web 2.0 technologies that IE and Safari don't always do. You can get add-ons for Firefox from a link within the browser and from their website.

Top Firefox Add-on Suggestions
Download Helper - to download videos from sites such as YouTube
StatusBar - shows a small progress bar at the bottom of the screen of downloads you have initiated so that you can monitor the progress and open up the downloads from within the browser.
Colorful Tabs - Gives each tab in your browser window and therefore helps to differentiate them.
Pic Lens - A gorgeous way to view images in Google image searches, Flickr and other sites.
Google Notebook - a great research tool. Open up the small Google Notebook window from the icon in the bottom corner of the browser and then highlight and drag text and images into it. The notebook also records the site that the information came from. You can then go to your personal Google Notebook page where everything you collected will be stored and able to be exported into a Word Document or Google Docs.
QuickProxy Adds a small icon to status bar that clicks on and off the proxy settings. Saves having to go Preferences,Network,Proxy Settings everyday
Instapaper - While this is more a tool that you drag onto your toolbar than an add-on, I still find this VERY useful. I don't always have time to look at each site that I have open before I close tabs. I don't always want to delicious them as I may not find them worthwhile sites. Firefox now allows you to save open tabs and close but this is another option. You can click on it and it saves the site onto a reading list for future browsing. Very cool.


external image flock.jpgFlock is another free downloadable browser for any platform that is built on the same technology as Firefox but is designed for people who work in many online networks and applications. There is direct access into your Gmail, it will pick up if there are images on a site and allow you to view all of these easily in a media stream at the top of the browser, it has integration with Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites, it has a built in RSS reader and it picks up if there is a search box on a site and lets you add this search option to the browser search. Plus, most of the add-ons designed for Firefox will work in Flock. This has now pretty much replaced Firefox for me as my favourite browser when I want lots of functionality.


external image Logo.gifCamino is a Mac only option that is built on Safari technology but has also taken aspects of Firefox such as the way it can handle sites using the latest in web 2.0 technology. It is a free download. It is built natively for Macs and is therefore quite a bit faster to render pages than Firefox or Flock. It is simple and streamlined and I use it when I don't need all of my useful add-ons and network integration.


external image img12_shiiraIcon.jpgShirra is another mac only option which gives you visual previews of websites that you have open in a drawer at the bottom of the screen. These take up a lot of space but can be quickly hidden or you can swap to normal tab browsing. I think this is useful when you have a lot of sites open and want to be able to quickly flick between them in a presentation. You can also use an expose type of function to see all open windows spread out in the browser window and then click on the one that you want on top. It also has built in RSS and a page transition feature to move between open sites.

Zac Browser

external image zac_browser.jpgThis is an interesting project - a man with an autistic grandson designed this browser to reduce distractions when surfing for autistic children. It is free to download but only works with PCs. I think this looks as if it would be great for younger children as well.