Why use Avatars?

Many teachers and parents have concerns about having photos of children published online. By having the children create an online character (called an avatar), they can still have a visual identity while not compromising their safety. It also gives children the chance to have a different persona which may help raise the confidence of some children.


weemee.jpg Make your own WeeMee character using this site which you can then embed onto other sites.


This site allows you to create an avatar that you can record your voice into; a sort of visual podcast which you can then embed on blogs and wikis.

Get a Voki now!

Portrait Icon Maker

Suzie_Portrait.png This site allows you to build up your very own icon with a huge number of possible variations.

Yahoo Avatars

external image w_getanimated.gifBuild an avatar for yourself with many possible variations.

Build Your Wild Self

wild_self.pngThis site allows you to make yourself into a combination of different animals. Add various animal features to a cartoon to represent yourself.


external image 0802_10029050722.gifAgain, another site where you can create a 'virtual' you.

Become a Simpsons' Character

While the Simpsons movie website is up and running, you can turn yourself into a Simpsons character. There is a link on the top of the screen.


Another avatar site that makes Manga style characters. This is my effort below.

My Avatar Editor
Create avatars compatible with Nintendo Wii which can also be saved as images to use throughout the web.

Otaku Avatar Maker
Small Japanese comic style characters.

A simple yet very effective tool for stylish cartoon avatars.
external image fade2.gifexternal image fade4.gifexternal image fade8.gif


No need to have a boring and generic avatar, upload a clear photo of yourself and stamp your own personality onto an avatar.
external image uvatar_samples.gif