This is a Microsoft Partner in Learning Project with animated characters that you can program and you can record voices into them. The program is great fun and quick to get the hang of. Best of all, it only costs a school $35 a year to run the program!. This is a list of ideas on how to use if from this teacher's blog.
  1. Could be put on kids blogs to introduce them. e.g. Hi, my name is John!
  2. Could do short 'film' about ourselves using the avatars.
  3. Could have avatars read our stories to the little kids at assembly
  4. If you lost your voice you could type and your avatar could do the talking.
  5. Instead of having published work on paper, we could publish using our avatar or avatars as the narrator.
  6. We could use the avatars to do our speeches. Would save getting nervous and embarrassed.
  7. We could put our presentations on youTube.
  8. The avatars could be 'tour guides' on our blogs.
  9. Mrs Rolls could set up the MARVIN avatars to teach the whole day. No more relievers!
  10. We could use avatars to do plays.
  11. We can use them to teach the younger kids about topics such as science, writing, bike safety or computer use.
  12. Could set up avatar to call out spelling words.
  13. Can make our own 'movies' to show that we understand a topic, e.g. statistics or Spanish!


You can program 2D characters and worlds to do a variety of things. Below is a movie showing some of the projects you can create using the program.